Monday, October 29, 2007

Had the opportunity to share a few secrets for Small Business Week to assist the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

Shared Secrets Top Selling Professionals use to work smarter, make more money and have more fun in the selling game.

Very interested crowd and we were able to unveal our new individual 'Sales Leaders' subscription to Secret Selling Tips.

Looking forward to adding thousands of individual sales leaders to our Secret Selling Tips family over the next year.

Visit: for more information on how you can subscribe or sign up your entire sales team.

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What's new?

Been very busy working on some new internet based projects.Two new websites as an extention of what we are doing with our joint venture promotional project.

Visit: and for more information.

We will be expanding this service to speakers in other geographical areas across Canada in the future.Am also launching several destination based speaker websites for strategically targeted areas I would like to visit or work.

Visit:,, or for more information.More to follow.

More targeted sites are in the works.

Bob Hooey

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Denver Secrets revealed

On our recent trip to Denver, CO for the CSIA DemoGala2007 event I had the chance to hear and chat with the new CO Governor, Bill Ritter.

He had made some opening remarks and a couple of major announcements concerning technology in CO. I thought he had done a pretty good job and told him that during our chat when he came to the booth for a photo opp arranged by the Canadian Consulate staff.

We chatted for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, one of the other trade mission team asked me why I told him he had done well. I replied, "because I thought he did!" and I believe in encouraging people when I can.

Way to go Governor!

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Secret Selling Tips going to Denver

News Flash: Oct 9-12: Denver, CO.

Canadian Trade Mission at CSIA's DemoGala2007 with 900 key technology professionals, government leaders, business leaders, venture capitalists, investment bankers and market influencers! 55 technology companies (inlcuding 9 Canadian) have been invited to display. CSIA theme is intensity, innovation and inspiration.

We feel, as does the Canadian Trade Comissioner, that we are leveraging technology in this innovative and inspirational service to engage and equip sales teams. We have been invited to participate and display our innovative tecnology-supported "Secret Selling Tips," sales leaders success program.

I am looking forward to meeting Colorado leaders who want to help their sales forces become more effective and profitable.

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