Saturday, February 26, 2005

Catching up as we move into 2005

Am starting to use this new tool now, so look for more frequent postings as I learn how to leverage myself and my skills with it.

It has been a busy year already... did a public program on presentation skills Jan 14th and then left for a two week break...had the opportunity to visit friends in Vancouver, Bellingham, Las Vegas and Phoenix and attend a 3 day business building workshop in Scottsdale enroute.

Am focused this year on increasing the passive income side of my buy a

Just got back from Washington, DC a week or so back... was speaking in Bethesda, MD on the 10th.

Actually played tourist.... saw the White House, Smithsonian, and Ford Theatre... and took some pictures with my new camera phone... so will be able to share some of them with you along the way now.


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