Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's day is a day of...

Today is father's day in North America. Today kids of all ages will be giving handmade cards and presents (older kids and wives will give store bought offerings) and dad's across the country will respond with (forced delight) upon receiving another tie or other such present. Inside they will respond with love for the affection shown by their spouses and kids.

Many of us will spend this father's day in reflection... thinking fondly of the man who loved us, guided us, taught us, disciplined us and modeled by example how we should live... men who are now gone from sight but never from our hearts and minds.

My dad was a wonderful man, an inmperfect man, a man of integrity and love who truly demonstrated his love to me, my sister and our mom. He passed away on his 82 nd birthday on Feb. 11th, 1999 and I still miss him terribly.

It is not just today that he crosses my mind... I think of him on many occassions... and I smile saddly... I miss his funny conversations, his loving touch and hugs... his solid business advice and his love of life and service in the community. Each day I work to continue building my life and business in such a way that he would be proud of me.

If you have a dad, brother, son, cousin, co-worker or other man in your life who has made a difference... tell him today, and tell him often. All to often people die without ever knowing how great they were or the amazing difference they made in our lives.

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