Sunday, September 11, 2005

Remembering 9-11

Do you remember where you were on Sept. 11th, 2001?

What were you doing when you heard about the planes striking the World Trade Center in NewYork?

How has that tragic event impacted your life and the way you think and act?

How have you changed and what have you changed as a result of your reflection and reaction to that event?

I toured ground zero in early December of 2001. I was supposed to be speaking in NJ shortly after the terrorist attack and was rescheduled to December. I was overwhelmed by the devistation I saw. The smells and the sights are seared into my memories. I was moved to tears with the posters for missing family members and the poems and wishes from so many who had visited this once towering site.

I also made some changes in my life and my business activities. My family and friends have become even more important to me than ever. I now make sure they are taken care of, before I worry about my business commitments.

I also am working to create additional revenue streams and ways of sharing my expertise on a more local scale. I've added executive speech coaching services... and doing a bit more writing too... and working on getting more training around Western Canada as well.

I love to travel... but am making each trip count.

If you know anyone who can use my professional services... pass on one of my websites... the main one being:

But most importantly, when you pause to reflect on how the lives of thousands were cut short and the impact that has made... think about how you can continue to make a difference by leading your life and taking personal responsibility.



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